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Simple Online Ticket Fixing Process

  • See if your ticket qualifies to be fixed
  • Take photo of ticket(s)
  • Verify your account
  • Upload photo of Driver License, Insurance
  • Pay Attorney Fee
  • Wait for Offer to revise your ticket
  • Accept or Reject offer
  • Pay revised or original ticket

For those who like to know all the details

  1. To Get Started you enter some basics in about the ticket and our system automatically evaluates whether your situation qualifies for being "fixed".
  2. You enter the details of your ticket(s) from the actual ticket you received. You'll take a photo of it and upload it with the citation number, court date, county, court, etc. You can even add multiple tickets to your case.
  3. Click Checkout and if you don't already have an account with DIGAT, you will be directed to create one before any payment information is collected.
    • If you are not using your Facebook or Google account, the system will first ask for an email address and send a verification code to it. This is to make sure that we can reach you about your case. Then you will create a password and a Display Name.
    • You will enter additional profile information, beginning with photos of your Driver License and Proof of Insurance. You can simply use the camera on your phone! The system will fill in most of your personal information (name, address etc) but you'll need to verify it in case your license does not have your current contact information. You will need to type in your insurance expiration date.
    • Choose your preferred notification method. You will receive an email and/or text confirmation each time the status of your case is updated. A code will be sent to your phone for you to verify.
  4. Checkout and submit the attorney representation fee using a credit card.
  5. Your case now officially begins with our traffic law attorneys. First, we will let the court know we are helping you with your ticket, and at the same time, we will reach out to the prosecuting attorney to work out a better deal for you.
  6. At any time, you can go to the website and check the status of your ticket. You will also get a notification during each step.
  7. Once we have managed to work out a deal with the prosecuting attorney, you will receive a link to view the offer(s). You must respond whether you want to accept or reject. You’ll also be able to choose whether to submit the court cost and ticket fines yourself or have us send your payment for a small convenience fee.
  8. If you choose to have your ticket fixed and traffic fines paid for through our system, you will submit your payment electronically and we'll do the rest. Our attorneys will forward your payment to the court in the proper format and according to the instructions sent by the prosecuting attorney.
  9. If you choose to pay the court yourself, you may download instructions for how to do so properly. Do not skip this step. There will be a warrant out for your arrest if you do.
  10. You will receive a Case Conclusion letter in the mail for your records. Thank you for letting Digat Traffic Law, LLC handle your case!